Forensic Inspections and Dispute Resolution

Mike owned and operated two companies that performed disaster restoration services and forensic inspections for homeowner’s insurance company claims departments from 1989 – 1994. He managed the restoration of as many as twenty-five insurance covered losses at one time.

He is also a trusted third party forensic inspection consultant performing insurance related  inspections to assist homeowners insurance claims departments in gathering sufficient information needed to accurately determine  whether a loss met the conditions required to be considered  covered under the policy terms. Mike performs forensic inspections without bias – favoring neither the policy holder or insurance company – interpreting the evidence to the most logical conclusion.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a homeowner’s insurance company claims department – remain thoroughly convinced that the loss should be covered, call us! A forensic inspection is the process through which all the visible and apparent conditions are considered along with your personal experience regarding the occurrence to arrive at a logical decision regarding whether the loss falls within the specific terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy terms.

It is Mike’s past experience that some insurance company claims departments will deny a claim simply hoping that you will accept the findings, whether they are accurate or not, and the vast majority of policy holders do go away – afraid to rock the boat. If your claim is legitimate, that a forensics inspection can help you get the coverage that you pay premiums for. And, insurance companies usually will not drop a policy holder or raise premiums unless the policy holder has demonstrate a history of making claims.

Forensic Inspections are designed to arrive at the truth and help resolve disputes.

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Mike Bryan uses HomeGuage to help create complete home inspection report. His reports list photos of problem area’s, descriptions and all in digital! From the foundation to the roof! Mike never skips a beat!