Pre-listing Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspection – A Crystal Ball into the Future!

There are a lot of good sensible reasons for a prospective home seller to purchase a Pre-Listing Inspection:

  • You learn what is wrong with your home before a home buyer’s inspection.
  • You decide what to fix and what not to fix
  • You decide how to fix things.
  • You decide when to fix things
  • You avoid pressure to make repairs without shopping price and contractors
  • In short, you know what is ahead when you list your home – no big unpleasant surprises

If the above list is your goal, you need not pay for a full home inspection report – complete with system descriptions. Instead, you can opt for a thorough inspection resulting in a simple punch list of defects and deficiencies. The very reasonable fee for a cursory Pre-Listing Inspection can be found on our inspection costs page.

Pre-Listing Inspection – A Marketing Tool

Getting a thorough home inspection report, as if you were the home buyer, has benefits as well:

  • It is a document that you can lay out for all prospective home buyers to review
  • A Pre-Listing Inspection and resulting repair receipts is a position of confidence – assuring buyers that you know you are selling a good home
  • Some buyers will be willing to forego their own Home Inspection – accepting your Pre-Listing Inspection and repair receipts as adequate.

Don’t wait until your home is under contract to begin dealing with the defects and deficiencies of your home. Don’t become a victim of the home sale process. Be in control throughout the process.

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Mike Bryan uses HomeGuage to help create complete home inspection report. His reports list photos of problem area’s, descriptions and all in digital! From the foundation to the roof! Mike never skips a beat!